Nepal and Tibet

Both Nepal and Tibet are rich in terms of culture. Their unique cultures and traditions make them the best destination in the world for the tour. Nepal is the front line of the Himalayas whereas Tibet is the backdrop of the Himalayas. The Tibetan cultures are also shared in Nepal by some Himalayan and Hilly region natives. Historians say that ancestors from Tibet came to Nepal centuries ago and settled here. When they came they brought their cultures and tradition along which is still largely followed in Nepal. Sherpa, Tamang, etc are believed that their ancestors were from Tibet who came here centuries ago in circumstances of trade or some are abandoned due to war. Most of the Himalayan Peoples from Everest, Langtang, Mustang, Dolpo, etc. still followed the ancient Tibetan Buddhist cultures and Bon Po cultures. Nepal is the ancient trade center and stops point for the Indo- Tibet trade route.

The Northern Side of Nepal is fully touched by Tibet. For peak climbing like Everest, some climbers also try from Tibetan Part due to fewer challenges and fewer difficulties. Both Nepal and Tibet are the best destination for several best things to do. You can make treks or can do tours. Trekking, Tour, Peak Climbing, other mountain activities, adventure sports, outdoor activities, and many others are the best things to do in Nepal and Tibet. Trekking in Nepal and Trekking in Tibet both are equally so adventurous. Nepal trekking offers the great experience of the face of the Himalayas while Tibet trekking allows the trekkers to enjoy the great Trans Himalayan beauties. As both countries are culturally rich you can make also a cultural Nepal and Tibet tour too.

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