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Nepal tour is a unique way of understanding the culture, tradition, religion, language, food, music, arts, history, norms & values, beliefs, politics e.t.c. that Nepal has to offer. Ever wonder how a country with 126 ethnicities/cast all live together under one roof with peace and harmony? To get to know about all the aspects, the Nepal trek and tour is the best way to understand it all.

To put in context how diverse Nepal is, it has very important 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It includes ancient architecture and monasteries namely Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur, National Parks established during the 1970s and has been effectively working on preserving natural resources, its floras, and faunas, and last but not the least the home to the birthplace of Lord “Gautam Buddha “. Moreover, these UNESCO World heritages are enough to make you understand how the culture & traditions of all parts of the country are different yet thrive under the same harmony. These can all be experienced under cultural and religious tours.

Nepal is naturally blessed with the most aesthetic pleasurable resources such as mountains, hills, and plain lands. Every region has its own distinguishable qualities leaving everyone around the world with their astonishing views. Not talked about much, Nepal is very rich in water being the world’s second-richest country in water resources, so you can expect very freshwater lakes, small lakes to big ponds, small to huge rivers. You can experience wild water adventures tours too. Nepal is highly known for its trek and tour capabilities. 

Nepal offers traditional to modern ways of lifestyle, you would be able to experience living in small ancient huts made up of stones and woods that you would feel like living back in centuries as well as modern luxury houses and hotels. It’s a matter of choice that you want to discover the part of Nepal.

Nepal tours are primarily categorized into two types: normal and luxury. Normal tours are set up in normal living conditions keeping in mind about tours, the other one being luxury tours. It's all about taking tours in comfortable and luxurious conditions. You can take tours in World Heritage Sites, Beautiful Tourists Destinations such as Nagarkot Sunrise Tour, Everest Mountain Flight, Chandragiri Cable Car, Gorkha Manakamana, and Bandipur tour, and the tourist Hub of Nepal Pokhara.

Nepal tours can be categorized into the following categories.

Luxury Tours in Nepal

If you are looking for some fun time and real observation of luxury with natural beauties we offer you the best luxury package available on the market. Luxury tours can be experienced in Nepal through the luxury trek and tour packages, luxury tours with helicopter ride packages. We provide all the necessary luxury needed to feel like the pure essence of luxury. Luxury tours include the best luxury 5-star hotels, best in class transportation facilities such as airways, private luxury vehicles, professional guides, e.t.c.

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Pilgrims Tour in Nepal

Nepal is a very sacred place, the unique part of Nepal is that every culture followed by Nepalese people is different in every change of destination. You’ll always be amazed by the change in religion, their beliefs and values. Some of the mountains are virgin, have never been conquered due to spiritual factors, and have respect towards the mountain people have.
Nepal is home to the founder of the religion Buddhism Lord “Gautam Buddha“, worldly famous “The Birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha” You can experience the origin of Buddhism through your own eyes by having toured around Lumbini. 

The central part of Nepal, Kathmandu is the city of temples where you can find ancient architecture from 723 B.C ago, their structure and importance still remain the same in today’s world. Kathmandu includes 7 UNESCO world heritage sites namely, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Shambhunath, Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Changunarayan, where in today's date all world heritage sites in Kathmandu Valley are considered as one making it 4 UNESCO world heritage sites in total, so alone Kathmandu valley contains 6 stations of World Heritage Site. 

In short, to witness Nepal’s unbelievable ancient temples, monasteries, museums and meditation home’s Nepal is the perfect destination to sense spirituality and religiousness.

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Cultural and Historical Tours in Nepal

Nepal has been described as a secular country since the parliament of Nepal declared in 2006. Nepalese people are uniquely diverse and rich in culture, people mainly follow Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, Sikhism, Bon. You can find the mix of culture in people of Nepal, Buddha is widely worshiped by Buddhists and Hindus, they share some of the festivals too like “Dashain is the biggest festival in Nepal celebrated by all kinds of people” yet considered as Hindu Festival, so it doesn’t matter the about the origin of the festival, Nepalese people celebrate with all joy and happiness together. You can experience the culture during your visit here to Nepal.

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Adventure Tour in Nepal

Nepal has many choices of adventurous activities. It can be experienced from Air Sports, Water Sports, Mountain Sports, Land sports. Home to the world’s highest mountain Sagarmatha (Mt.Everest) it is a dream destination for mountaineers all around the world. 
Paragliding, Helicopter Ride, Ultra-lite flight, Skydiving, Zip-Line, Bungee Jumping are some of the adventurous air sports. Mountain Biking, Trekking, Hiking, Rock, Canyoning and Wall Climbing are some of the land adventurous sports. Rafting, Kayaking, Boating are some of the water sports that you can do, services provided by Luxury Holidays Nepal.

Connecting Nepal to the world, Nepal is accessible through air and roadways where your visa is issued upon arrival and definitely it won’t be a matter of headache. Nepal tour is based upon day, days, or week that is totally customizable upon the needs. Some types of tours are Family tours, educational tours, volunteer tours, honeymoon tours, cultural and religious tours, and many more. The change in cost and travel schedule is very highly possible and we are always there for your help explaining your best possible time, interest, and budget.

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Luxury Holidays Nepal offers Luxury tours in Nepal, Religious and Spiritual Tours, Cultural and Historical Tours, Helicopter Tours, Adventure Sports tours, Jungle Safari tours in Nepal and many more.

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