Nepal Tours

Nepal Tours are astounding ways of experiencing historical and cultural cities along with stunning sunrise and mountain panorama. This land of UNESCO World Heritage sites and natural blessings includes natural waterfalls; serene lakes, lush forest, green hills, picturesque traditional settlements and incredible mountain panorama fascinate thousands of tourists every year for Nepal tours.

Nepal is embraced by the great Himalayas, beautiful sceneries, lakes, monuments, UNESCO-listed heritage sites, national parks, and diverse culture is truly a place to explore. Basically, Nepal tours take us to World Heritage sites in the cities and some popular mountain viewpoints to celebrate mesmerizing sunrise and mountain summits. Besides, we learn Nepalese history, civilization, culture and religion while doing Nepal tours.

Nepal tours primarily include World Heritage tours in Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur, Chitwan National Park tour, Lumbini Tour, Nagarkot Sunrise Tour, Everest Mountain Flight, Helicopter Tour, Chandragiri Cable Car tour, Gorkha, Manakamana and Bandipur Tour, Bardia National Park Tour and beautiful Pokhara City tour.

Nepal Tours can be categorized into two distinct types: Normal tours and luxury tours. If you choose to use normal accommodation and transportation like a tourist or public bus, this type of tour can be considered as a normal tour package, but some tourists really want luxury tours which are also known as luxury deals in Nepal. These luxury tour packages include luxury accommodation and private luxury transportation throughout the tour.

Reaching Nepal is easy and hassle-free as the nation is well connected by air and a visa is issued on arrival. Besides our preset packages, our tour packages are customizable by nature where the cost of any tour depends on your group size, intercity transport and transfers, star category of hotels, and the service rendered. Please do not hesitate to message our online helpdesk. We will be happy to explain options best suit your time, interest, and budget.

Nepal Tours range from Day Tour to tour for one week or more than that. It depends on your vacation schedule what type of tour do you want in Nepal. You can find a family tour, educational tour, volunteer tour, honeymoon tour, cultural tour and religious tour in Nepal.

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