“The land of Himalayas “

Nepal a landlocked, federal democratic country situated right in between two south Asian giants China and India is the home to the roof of the world “Sagarmatha” and birthplace of Lord “Gautam Buddha”.Starting from the elevation of 60m to the highest peak in the world 8848.56m  is the only country in the world where you would be able to witness plain lands, hills and to top of the world at one sight. Besides some of the recognized places in Nepal, there are thousands of places that are yet to be explored and considered top visit destinations despite the amount of pleasure and satisfaction it has to offer once you visit them. 

Nepal has a lot to offer in terms of culture, history, religion, food, and adventurous activities. Depending upon the choice of one’s interest Nepal provides its different experiences from plain lands, Hills to the Himalayas. One can experience major Himalayan trails, local and traditional food culture, sightseeing of Historical valleys, true jungle wilderness such as Tigers, Leopards, One-horned Rhino, and many more. In short, you would be witnessing 4 UNESCO world heritage sites that would be an experience that would last for the rest of your year. Wondering how expensive it could be to be a spectator of those great Himalayan ranges, historical monuments and valleys, plain regions, and its agricultural beauties? The truth is to witness all these amazing scenarios you for sure wouldn't be running out of your pockets.

The major part of the attractions for trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts however would be the Mahabharata Himalayan Range which is the central part of the Great Himalayan Range fully covered snow-capped mountains. These great Himalayan ranges can be viewed from different parts of Nepal. In order to observe all the ranges, Nepal offers some of the amazing trekking trails from around the world. Some of the world-renowned trekking destinations are Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Langtang, Poonhill & Ghorepani, etc. Not to mention these mentioned trekking trails are some of many that have to be offered. The trekking levels can be chosen according to the amount of adrenaline, thrill, and adventure that you would prefer. These trails might test the level of patience on you, however, that patience you take on would definitely be worthy after witnessing breathtaking views of landscapes, villages, the culture of locals, and the most anticipated fully snow-capped mountains. Besides mountain thrillers, adventurous sports, Jungle Safaris on Chitwan, Bardia National parks, City tours, Traditional and Local Foods, Visit Birthplace of Lord Buddha are some of the other highlights to your visit to Nepal.

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