Our Core Values

Every individual and institution should be guided by its own core values. These core values are the fundamentals to rise and to meet the objectives in the days to come. Similarly, Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd also has

Worship Nature
Nature is the mightiest thing in the universe. Nature supplies your every need. We live in the warm lap of nature like we sit in the lap of our own mother. Those who worship nature, it is synonymous to worshipping God or worship of the self. Self-worship is the best form of worship.
Worshipping nature is not like offering flower and bowing your head down to nature. Worshiping nature is to preserve or conserve it. We, an entire team of Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd respect nature. Our team always moves forward to enhance wholeness in nature. The ecological perfection brings happiness in human lives. The identity and existence of human beings entirely depend on nature. Thus, respect nature and conserve it.

Help the Needy
Do not be showy and prodigal. Save at least a dollar per day or per week and help the needy. Everybody is born equal and nobody has an inborn destiny. We were born empty-handed and go in the same way. Everybody follows the same way. It is said ‘Those who help the needy will be helped by the god’.

Life: An Adventure
Take life as an adventure. Do not run away from it. Go through it. Explore the core life values and adopt it. Dare to face the challenges and get triumph over it. Do not try to explore what is life, explore how to live it.

Take Care of Yourself
Self-care is not selfishness. Those who know how to take good care of the self, of course, take better care of others. Before offering care to others, one should be full. What does an empty vessel impart? Self-care is the best care.

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