Our Partners

We believe that the partnership is key fundamental towards achieving goals. Since the establishment of our company, we are working with some of the most outstanding people and organizations in the travel industry. And we have recognized the importance of working side by side with them to provide superior services with reliability. At present the main challenges for travel agencies include market differentiation, turning visitors into loyal customers, and offering travelers better services before, during and after the trip. So, to overcome these challenges, we work parallelly with leading travel companies to build a new landing place for qualified leads. Our partnerships will be driven with the ambition to rekindle innovation and shared a vision of future travel technology. We value diversity, synergies and teamwork, and strive for superiority.

We have established an important partnership with various fields that include:-
➺Tour operators in Nepal,
➺Trekking operators in Nepal
➺Jungle and wildlife tourism organizers
➺Team building organizers
➺Universities, School and charity organizations (Educational)
➺Special event organizers
➺Luxury and deluxe trek and tours organizers
➺Climbing operators
➺Adventure Sports Operator
➺Volunteering organizations
➺Cultural tourism organizations
➺Family trip organizers
➺Mountain Biking and Cycling tour organizers
➺Rural tourism organizations
➺Various Ngo’s and INGO’s working for Tourism Industry & many more

The corporation with all these organizations aids to provide international standard service and complement our customer with surplus service. We would like to thank these organizations and individuals who have helped a lot to outline the future of the travel industry with Luxury Holidays Nepal.

Our Accommodation Partner

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2. Four Star Hotel/ Resort

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Adventure Sports

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