Our Team

Luxury Holidays Nepal family consists of experienced staff, certified guides and well-trained porters to accompany your journey. Our leaders are pleasant and well-principled people from various parts of the country. They speak fluent English, are licensed by Trekking and Tourism agencies, hold high-altitude first-aid certificates and are further well-trained and experienced. With their impressive sense of humor and in-depth knowledge of the local places, you will never get bored on your whole trip. Our prime directive is to provide a first-class adventure and holiday experience in the Himalayas that is sustainable and responsible.

For more than a decade, we have expanded our services by providing new and unique destinations and itineraries that have been receiving positive feedback. We have properly insured all our staff and paid them well, resulting in job satisfaction and wholehearted performances. Our experienced and enthusiastic members at the office and field will make sure that you receive the best service and attention throughout your stay.

  • Shishir Banjara

    Shishir Banjara

    Founder and CEO

    Shishir had collected his proficiency and deep insight into the industry through serving from the root level to esteemed positions for the leading Trekking and Tourism agencies of the country. In his decade of experience, he built up a dream of making the industry more responsible and travelers friendly where the concerns of the travelers like safety, privacy, punctuality, quality & professional services are well-addressed. With his dream and dedication, he worked up to open a new Travel & Trekking Agencies in co-operation with the experienced veterans and energetic youths with similar visions which lead to the establishment of one of the most reputed agencies of this field.

    He had completed his Bachelors in Science with a Physics major. He is the most prominent figure of the Luxury Holidays Nepal. Having an inborn cheerful personality, good social and personal relationships was his natural thing. He had made his involvement and hosted various social activities such as blood donation, awareness programs, volunteering programs, serving orphanages, etc. With his hard work and dedication, he plans to serve the industry, country and the whole of humanity with his heart.

  • Resham K Shrestha

    Resham K Shrestha

    Co-founder and Director

    Resham K Shrestha is a dynamic youth from Gorkha, Nepal who currently lives in Raniban, Kathmandu. Completing his Bachelors's in Industrial Engineering with flying colors, he instead decides to stay and serve Nepal unlike most of his friends who went abroad in pursuit of a better career. He believes that every human should work for the betterment of his locality and make this whole earth a beautiful place to live.

    With his keen interest to serve the motherland, he joined the team to create a professional trekking agency with the motive of quality service and zero compromise policy. Hence, Resham quickly got into action to bring the agency into operation and meet its objective. With the brilliant working style and co-operation from involved parties, a professional trekking agency was then finally brought into operation to provide quality service to the travelers.

  • Abid Zargar

    Abid Zargar

    Director of Sales - India

    Abid Zargar is the Director of our India office and the moving force behind our India operations.

    A seasoned professional in the field of travel and tourism, he brings over first-hand experience and knowledge of various popular as well as offbeat destinations in India. A passionate traveler from an early age – his vast travel around the region has given him extensive knowledge of not only India but also of the neighboring destinations like Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka and has quite an understanding of the travel needs of the discerning traveler.

    A firm believer of impeccable service with an eye for perfection and a systematic approach ensures the smooth functioning of overall operations.

  • Ranjit Tamang

    Ranjit Tamang

    Director of Sales - Bhutan

    Associated with Bhutan’s tourism industry for the last twelve years, Ranjit Tamang’s relation with Tourism began as he joined the then Bhutanese infant Tourism industry as a guide. His bond with the industry grew over the years, and today he is capable to manage all Tours and Treks in Bhutan efficiently and holds the position of Operation in Charge of Bhutan for our company.

    Mr. Tamang is proficient in the Bhutanese tourism industry. Ranjit Tamang is originally from a traditional farming community Paro Bhutan. A keen mountain biker and hiker, he is constantly exploring and documenting the magic of Bhutan and keen to share the magical experiences. While traveling in Bhutan he is always there for your assistance.

  • Susan Lee

    Susan Lee

    Director of Sales - China/Tibet

    Susan Lee is a residence of Lhasa, Tibet who has been engaged in the Tourism of Tibet for 10 years. Over the year, she has been operating hundreds of tours and treks in Tibet. She is very familiar with the histories, spirits, culture and Buddhism religion of the Tibetans. Moreover, she is a language master who speaks fluent Tibetan, English and Chinese.

    Lee has been associated with Luxury Holidays for the past four years. In these years she is always there to assist the travelers and making sure that they have nothing to worry about while wandering in the Roof of the World. Lee has an important role to play for the happy faces of our travelers who visit the beautiful land of Tibet.

  • Ashish Dhungana

    Ashish Dhungana

    Marketing Director

    Ashish has been associated with Luxury Holidays Nepal as Marketing Director since 2017. He is a graduate of Social Work from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu. At Luxury Holidays Nepal, his duty is to promote and market the products of Luxury Holidays Nepal in order to enlarge its business. He is keen to make research on the market where Luxury Holidays Nepal can have maximum profit. Under his direction on Marketing, Luxury Holidays Nepal has considerably connected world tourism to Luxury Holidays Nepal.

    Besides, he loves mountains and remote areas of the world. His passion for photography and music makes him distinctive from his counterparts. In the course of marketing and promotion, he has visited different parts of the world like India, Tibet, Bhutan, Austria, Japan and many other parts of Europe.

  • Roshan Chaulagain

    Roshan Chaulagain

    Representative (China)

    Roshan Chaulagain is a Nepali inborn who has been living in Jinzhou, Liaoning, China. He has been working as our representative in China since 2012.  He is dedicated to helping Chinese travelers plan and manage their holidays.
    As an adventure enthusiast, Roshan loves travelling and exploring new places and cultures. He has already explored most of our destinations, collecting a first-hand experience of our packages. He can communicate in Chinese and is well-qualified to help you manage your trip.

  • Moona Shrestha

    Moona Shrestha

    Representative (USA)

    Moona serves for the esteemed post of Luxury Holidays Nepal’s representative based in the USA. She acts as the Trekking and Tour planner for US citizens. She is living in Irving, Texas; where you can meet her to plan your holiday.  

    Being a friendly and charming person, people love to be around with Mona. She has demonstrated her excellent planning and management skills working with us for more than 3 years. Having spent a great deal of her time in Nepal, she admires the beauty of the country. Many of her clients have revisited Nepal several times.

  • Bibesh Gauli

    Bibesh Gauli

    Finland and North Europe

    Passionate about nature and travel, Gauli is an Environmental Engineering graduate from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland. Being a light-hearted, friendly person, travelers find it easy to plan their trip with him.
    Bibesh is very much concerned about the quality of services and safety of travelers. He thinks that not just as a job, but as a man, we should be considerate, reliable and courageous. He takes care of every minor detail and ensures that traveler’s concerns are properly addressed, to assure that our guest leaves with happy faces.

  • Sangip Khadka

    Sangip Khadka

    Representative (Japan)

    Sangip has been part of Luxury Holidays Team after completing his treks in different regions of Nepal. As an enthusiastic traveler, he has travelled to various parts of Nepal. He is now well acquainted with the Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and Mustang regions of Nepal. Passionate about nature and travel, Khadka loves outdoor adventures. Being our representative, his favorite task is to help travel lovers arrive in Nepal to embark their long-anticipated adventure. He keeps knowledge of English and Japanese. Sangip is kind-hearted and friendly by nature, therefore, travelers find it easy to plan their trip with him. 

  • Rajendra Karki

    Rajendra Karki

    Manager - Sales & Business Development

    It is the routine of Rajendra to check the transactions and keep a record of the financial aspects of the work. He is busy with adding and subtracting the bills and calculating profit and loss. Rajendra Karki doesn’t sleep until debit equals credit in the balance sheet. 
    As an accountant, it is his responsibility to properly record and preserve financial data. Your payment record and expense history are always safe with us. Mr. Karki provides the accountant service to Luxury Holidays Nepal.

  • Sajina Chhetri

    Sajina Chhetri

    Director of Sales & Marketing

    Sajina has been associated with Luxury Holidays Nepal as Corresponding Personnel since 2015. At Luxury Holidays Nepal, her duty is to look over reservations, provide trip information to clients, ensure itineraries are followed up and listen and solve clients’ problems. She skillfully completes all her tasks which also include managing fleet service and hotel reservations.

    Sajina’s hobbies are shopping, reading novels, sketching, watching movies, net surfing and traveling.  About her experience in Luxury Holidays Nepal she says, “So far, it has been a wonderful journey. Thanks to the support crew and comfortable working environment.”

  • Smriti Khanal

    Smriti Khanal

    Client Support & Customer Care

    Smiriti is a Management Graduate with experience in Client support. She is gentle & polite and you can talk to her at ease. She is always there to ensure client satisfaction and answer the queries of the travelers.
    A social and friendly person, she is good at connecting with people and understanding them. Her professional skills are merit to Luxury Holidays Nepal.

  • Kushal Baniya

    Kushal Baniya

    Air Ticketing Officer / Fleet Manager

    Kushal is assigned with the job of issuing the ticket for all the domestic flights and international flights. He keeps records of the flight dates and details of all our customers and ensures that everything is maintained properly. He is there to make sure that you get the best possible flight at the minimum fare on the available date. He also works to ensure the proper organization and operation of our fleet. 

    Due to our volume of air tickets, we have been able to get a special rate from the airlines. We share that privilege to our valued customers also so that we could provide the plane tickets at a further lower price and boost our customer relations. Kushal is always there to ensure that you travel comfortably without anything to worry about.

  • Januka Dhakal

    Januka Dhakal

    Sales & Operation Manager

    Januka Dhakal, Luxury Holidays Nepal’s Sales & Operation Manager is from the beautiful city Chitwan, located in the southwestern part of Terai plains of Nepal, holds a master's degree in Business Studies specializing in Finance from Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu. She worked for several other institutions before beginning her career and was involved in ‘Luxury Holidays Nepal’s holidays Nepal from 2018. She joined the company as a communication officer and within a few times, through her hard work and aptitude managed to climb up to a managerial position. As the company’s Sales & Operation Manager, her job involves communicating with clients on the company’s behalf, meeting up with them and organizing pre-trek and post-trek orientations, solving any problems if they have any, and taking care of operations of the company.

    She loves reading novels, newspapers, and magazines, listening to music, etc during her free time. She loves traveling and getting familiar with new people and is also a nature Lover. She is hard-working, passionate, a great communicator and a problem-solver, qualities which make her a treasured employee. She is proud of being associated with this company as getting the chance to popularize our beautiful Himalayan country all around the world.

  • Saksham Khatiwoda

    Saksham Khatiwoda

    IT Operator/Digital Marketing

    With his burning passion on the IT, you can see Saksham Khatiwoda with his hands on the keyboard most of the time. Keeping himself up to date with the fastest growing technology, Saksham is a key member of our group. If you ever experience a digital problem, he is there at your serve. 
    In this age of online interactions, Saksham and his team are providing a vital service to our organization. They have a lot of work to do from updating our database to presenting a simple, clear and attractive interface to our clients. The IT operators are the guys responsible to keep our online services running.

  • Kiran Khadkan

    Kiran Khadkan

    Airport Representative

    You can see Kiran most of the time standing outside the airport terminal to greet you upon your arrival. He is a hard-working person originally from Gorkha. Khadka is assigned the duty to roll around the airport, from receiving and dropping clients at the airport.

    Like his driving, Kiran is a pleasant person. He is a well-trained professional driver who is also aware of the importance of sustainable tourism. During his 8 years of service, we have nothing to complain about him. Driving is his passion. He is enthusiastic about life and loves meeting new people.

  • Hari Ram Itani

    Hari Ram Itani


    Mr. Hari Ram Itani is one professional and experienced driver with lots of skills. Before joining the team of Luxury Holidays Nepal, he worked as a driver in Dubai for ten years and in Qatar for fifteen years.

    Mr. Hari Ram is licensed under the Department of Transportation of Nepal. Along with their driving skill, he is a kind-hearted and helpful nature person. He is a frank person and doesn’t taking any hesitate to talk with Guests.

    When you come out of the international terminal, there you see Mr. Hari Ram standing outside the gate with the pamphlet of Luxury Holidays Nepal and your name to welcome and greet you. He will take you to the hotel with a pleasurable ride. He will also drop you at to Airport after completion of the trip.

    Hari Ram Itani is also our tour driver. When our guest wants luxury transportation, we provide the luxury vehicle service with the experienced drivers like Mr. Hari Ram Itani. There is no point to doubt his skills and efficiency. He is a hard-working person. He also speaks English and Arabic Language.

  • Ram Prasad Lamichhane

    Ram Prasad Lamichhane

    Trekking/Climbing Guide

    Originally from Gorkha, Mr. Ram Prasad Lamichhane is a role model to other trekking guides in Nepal. His world-class service and astounding leadership make him always an accomplished mountain guide. Many beginners learn so many things from him.

    He is an ‘A’ Grade licensed trekking guide who has been associated with Luxury Holidays Nepal since 2006. He is well trained with first aid, climate, mountains, local culture and hospitality. His keen enthusiasm to explore the Himalayas and the culture make the clients pleased. He has carried out numerous treks to different regions like Everest, Langtang, Mustang and Annapurna. Among these regions, his best choice is Everest.

    He is friendly, sociable, and funny. He loves to make his clients laugh all the way.

  • Ramhari Timsina

    Ramhari Timsina

    Tour Leader - Nepal

    Ramhari Timsina was born in Dhading, Nepal, in 1990. He belongs to a middle-class family from a remote area of Nepal. At the age of 15, He finished his school level in his hometown, after that, for a better education he moved to Kathmandu where he completed his graduation. As soon as, He completed his bachelor's degree He started to travel to various places in Nepal. For several years, He had traveled lots learned about the history, cultures, and geography of various places. Mostly, he traveled to many parts of Nepal, India, Thailand, and Tibet. Moreover, He built his passion for traveling as a guide and started to work as a Trekking guide (2006- 2013) in the Himalayas. In 2013, he began to work as a city guide all over the country. In 2016, Mr. Ram Hari Timsina joined Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

    He had spent the last 16 years developing his passion as a guide which is the wealth that he earned in his journey as a small kid who moved to Kathmandu to study and become an experienced and professional guide. He always believes that sharing his passion with the person he meets and giving them knowledge about our history, culture, and geography is the best feeling. He never misses learning things from them too. He always believes that his strengths are that he is a person who can work under a lot of stress with patience as a diplomatic person. He is one good communicator and enthusiastic person. He regards himself to be a very open-minded person, ready to face new challenges, especially when it comes to adventure. People consider him a social and calm person who doesn’t hesitate in giving his opinion about what he thinks and believes in honest and respectfully. They see him as a purposeful person and easygoing man.

  • Pranav Kunwar

    Pranav Kunwar

    Tour Guide

    Pranav is an experienced tour guide providing his valuable services for more than four years. He has been operating tours with Luxury Holidays Nepal since 2015. A charming person with inborn leadership qualities, our tour groups are happy to receive his service. He keeps you well informed through the tour and is always available to answer your curiosities on tour.
    Through his years of service, he is familiar with nearly all of the cities and districts in Nepal and also with major spots in Tibet and Bhutan. Besides completing his visit to the tourist spots of these countries, he has also travelled to Russia, India, Kailash, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and China. With his deep insights on things and humorous nature, we are sure Pranav will keep you occupied throughout the tour.

  • Mingmar Sherpa

    Mingmar Sherpa

    Trekking/Climbing Guide

    Mingmar Sherpa is a notable trekking guide with vast numbers of training received. As well, he is a licensed guide and has proven the capability of his skills, throughout his association with the company. A hospitable, light-hearted, reliable person, he has our highest regard for his work ethic and bona fide character.

    Mingmar is keenly interested in tourism and loves working in this field. He is very familiar with trekking at Annapurna, Everest, Manaslu and Langtang regions of Nepal. During his leisure time, Dangal is often seen hanging out with his friends and exploring. His dedication to duty and fine sense of humor sets him apart. He has the caliber of becoming a top-tier guide of Nepal.

  • Manoj Khadka

    Manoj Khadka

    Trekking Guide

    Mr. Khadka, Manoj is one of our trusted members. He is a trekking guide assisting the trekkers in the Annapurna region. His Excellencies are his talent for guiding the trips, way of briefing and instructing, knowledge and information of the things and his patience. Manoj Khadka is also one always smiling, calm, and helpful person who behaves always in a better manner with the guests and the clients. Due to his ability to make the clients happy and satisfied, we don’t have received any complaint about his working. Manoj also supports responsible and sustainable tourism for saving the earth and the ecosystem.

    Mr. Manoj has lots of experience working in a different post in the tourism sector. He worked as a porter in the initial phase. After a few porter jobs, he starts a job as a trekking guide and got a license from the Tourism Department. In a short period of work, he became a successful guide.

    Luxury Holidays Nepal recruited Mr. Manoj as a trekking guide because of his dedication towards a passion for the work, his knowledge, and information about the routes and the places, his skills and ideas of dealing with the problems and trouble, and his excellent level of English language.

  • Anjila Thapa

    Anjila Thapa

    City Tour Guide

    Anjila is a professional tour guide and one of the reputed guides of the company. She is a delightful person and our tour groups are happy to receive her service. She keeps you well informed through the tour and is always available to answer your curiosities on tour.

    Anjila had participated in tourist guide training at NATHM and holds a tour guide license from the Department of Tourism. Through her years of service, she is well-acquainted with all of the cities and districts in Nepal. She is knowledgeable, charismatic person with good communication and organization skill, so is a perfect tour guide.

  • Prabal Lamichhane

    Prabal Lamichhane

    Trekking Guide

    Prabal excels as a trekking guide in major destinations of Nepal such as Annapurna, Everest, Langtang and Mustang. Starting out as a porter, he is today a well-established trekking guide of Nepal. He speaks good English and holds a ‘Trekking Guide license from the Ministry of Tourism in Nepal and is also certified for High Altitude First Aid Treatment.

    Prabal is originally from Gorkha, the land of brave Gurkhas. Their passion and curiosity for travelling to new places made him join the trekking industry. Besides pursuing his degree in Business Administration, he has been working with Luxury Holidays Nepal for the past 6 years. On the trek, he’s incredibly fit and composed, but also relaxed and casual. He accompanies you along the trail, going at your pace without a hint of impatience, leaving plenty of time for you to immerse in the beauty of the Himalayas.

  • Deepak Shrestha

    Deepak Shrestha

    Trekking Guide

    Young and energetic Deepak takes pride in introducing people to the amazing culture and landscapes of the Himalayan country. He speaks fluent English and holds licenses from Tourism Ministry and had undergone High Altitude First Aid Training. Without any hesitation, he can provide good guidance and professional service every moment throughout your entire journey in Nepal.

    All this year, Shrestha has been extensively trekking around the major shrines of the Himalayas like the Everest, Annapurna Circuit and Langtang regions. Besides being a trekking guide, he is also successfully running a mountain biking campaign as a leader. His excitement for adventure is infectious and spreads to all who have had the pleasure of sharing a trip with him.

  • Krishna Khadka

    Krishna Khadka

    Trekking Guide

    Krishna Khadka is one of the most experienced trekking guides of Luxury Holidays Nepal. He has been guiding trekkers all over Nepal for last 15 years and serving as our main guide for past 2 years. He provides the most professionalism, service leading him to guide the trekking groups with great care for their safety and concerns. No doubt, he is also licensed from Ministry of Tourism of Nepal and also holds a High Altitude First Aid Certificate.

    Starting out as a porter, Krishna has worked his way up and is now one of the most respected trekking guides within LHN. He maintains a strong focus on our travelers’ satisfaction. We have no hesitation in saying he can provide good guidance every moment throughout your entire travel experience in Nepal.

  • Bikash Bhandari

    Bikash Bhandari

    Trekking/Climbing Guide

    Stepping into Tourism in 2001, Bikas Bhandari began his career as a porter. He worked as a porter for more than 5 years. With his tremendous experience in tourism, he turned himself into a successful trekking and climbing guide in 2006. He has successfully accomplished extensive training of climbing and guiding organized by the Government of Nepal. He obtained an ‘A’ Grade license for climbing and guiding. Mr. Bikas Vandari has successfully operated numerous trekking and climbing in different regions of Nepal.

    Clients are found always happy to receive his leadership in the mountain either for trekking or climbing. He loves to take clients to remote parts of the Himalayas. So far, he has made successful climbing Lobuche Peak, Island Peak, Mera Peak, Chulu East and Pisang Peak several times. Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd fully trusts in his skillful leadership.

  • Pradip Dharel

    Pradip Dharel

    Trekking Guide

    Mr. Dharel is one of the talented sustainable/ reasonable trek guides of our team. He is a skilled, experienced and licensed trek guide. Mainly, he assists the trek in Annapurna Region. He has successfully completed more than 200 trekking trips in the Annapurna region. His skill of guiding, knowledge, and details to describe the route and the views, well manner and behavior, and his always smiling face with kind heard and helpful nature makes every trekker he guided very happy and satisfied. To date, we haven't received any complaints about his work and behavior.

    Mr. Pradip Dharel started his career in the tourism sector working as a trek helper (Porter). After a lot of trekking as a porter, he started to guide the team. His talent, passion, focus, experience, and hard dedication make him a successful trek guide in a short period. Now he is one of the talented and trusted members of our team.

    He is fluent in the English language as well as in the Malaysian language (Malay) too. If you want any specific language guide he may be best for you.

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