Mr. Resham K Shrestha

Co-founder and Director

Resham K Shrestha

Mr. Resham K Shrestha the co-founder and the director of the Luxury Holiday Nepal is a dynamic youth from Gorkha, Nepal who currently lives in Raniban, Kathmandu. Completing his Bachelors in Industrial Engineering with flying colors, he instead decides to stay and serve Nepal unlike most of his friends who went abroad in pursuit of a better career. He believes that every human should work for the betterment of his locality and make this whole earth a beautiful place to live.

With his keen interest to serve the motherland, he joined the team to create a professional trekking agency with the motive of quality service and zero compromise policy. Hence, Resham quickly got into action to bring the agency into operation and meet its objective. With the brilliant working style and co-operation from involved parties, a professional trekking agency was then finally brought into operation to provide quality service to travelers.

Mr. Resham is very professional when it comes to his work on various projects. Apart from all of this, Mr. Resham is a very amiable, helpful, and professional person