Mr. Shishir Banjara

Founder and CEO

Shishir Banjara

Mr. Shishir Banjara, the founder, CEO, and managing director of "Luxury Holiday Nepal," is a Gorkha native who was raised in a mountainous region. Mr. Banjara, who has achieved great success as an entrepreneur and actively promotes social welfare, was raised in a humble household.

Mr. Shishir had collected his proficiency and deep insight into the industry through serving from the root level to esteemed positions for the leading Trekking and Tourism agencies of the country. In his decade of experience, he built up a dream of making the industry more responsible and travelers friendly where the concerns of the travelers like safety, privacy, punctuality, quality & professional services are well-addressed. He worked tirelessly to establish a new Travel & Trekking agency in collaboration with enthusiastic young people and experienced veterans who shared his dreams, which resulted in the creation of one of the most well-known agencies in this industry. He is a widely traveled person. In addition to the Himalayas, his travels have led him to Europe, and a number of South-East Asian nations.

He has completed his bachelor's degree in Science with a Physics major and is currently pursuing a master's degree (MA). He is the most prominent figure of Luxury Holidays Nepal. Having an inborn cheerful personality,  and good social and personal relationships were his natural thing. He had taken an active role in and hosted a number of social events, including blood donation, awareness campaigns, volunteer programs, helping orphans, etc. With his hard work and dedication, he plans to serve the industry, country, and humanity with his heart.

Mr. Banjara possesses very strong verbal, writing, and listening skills for regular interactions with department heads, managers, executives, employees, and clients.