Public Liability Insurance

In the operation of Business, something costing to the organization may happen. Any parties from the external environment may claim for any damages or losses suffered due to the company. Companies and organizations, especially operating tours and treks must have to insecure from such publically liability costs.
Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd is one responsible and sustainable tour and trek operator. It has Public Liability Insurance to cover all the damages and costs hampering the businesses.
Every Traveler, every group and every trip of Luxury Holidays Nepal is covered under the PLI of Luxury Holidays Nepal. Any parties whose properties have been damaged or get the losses during the operation Of LHN get the compensation under the PLI of Luxury Holiday Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

If you want to know the terms and conditions of the Public Liability Insurance Policy of Luxury Holidays Nepal or wants to know about the safety Management system then contact us through the mail at [email protected]

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