Rafting in Nepal

Ever thought about rafting in the freshwater running straight through the Himalayas? If yes then Nepal is a perfect destination for it. Nepal's home to some of the highest peaks in the world from which some of the largest freshwater rivers originate. This river's water current is very high which is a perfect environment for rafting. These currents can stretch somewhere from half an hour to an hour while the total length of the rafting can be extended over hours.  

The rafting scales up from somewhere between a day to a total of weeks. These time constraints are verified by the location of the river, the time of the year when you are planning on a raft, and the current scenario of the river. Some of the rafting spots are only achievable in the remote destinations of Nepal where the river downstream extends for an adequate period of time required for rafting can be accomplished via trekking that making rafting a more adventurous sport. Even though rafting can be performed on small called rivers it's better when the river's size increases. The bigger the size of the river the current gets more favorable the environment of rafting. 

Generally, rafting is categorized according to the nature of the current of rivers. The slow-flowing river currents can be rafted in a very short period of time and gradually after the increase in river current the time constraint changes. Rafting is all about experiencing the thrill in fast-moving water with a view of beautiful mountain scenery. The grade of raft can be explained as one to six where  

Grade 1 - slow-moving currents with no obstacles 

Grade 2/3- fast moving with some obstacles 

Grade 4- long continuous section of water and large waves 

Grade 5- powerful prolong rapid current and heavy obstacles 

Grade 6- extremely powerful and impossible to control the raft. 

Nepal has many rivers available for rafting; Trishuli River, Seti River, Bhote Koshi River, Kali Gandaki River, Marsyangd river, Sun Koshi River, Arun River, Karnali River, Tamur river are some of the popular rivers for rafting in Nepal. These rivers can be rafting from one day to a week-long period of time.  

Some popular Rafting rivers

Upper Seti rafting 

Located very near to the tourist hub of Nepal, rafting in the Upper Seti is classified as grade 3-4. This rafting is extremely adventurous and fun to do. The rating starts from the Bamboo bridge and ends at the Dam. The seven-kilometer stretch of the river gives you a perfect half-day of rafting experience. The level of difficulty can be considered as intermediate and anyone who seeks adventure can do this rafting. 

Trishuli River rafting 

Very near to the capital of Nepal, Trishuli river rafting is the most popular rafting destination. This rafting is classified as grade 3 rafting and can provide an adequate amount of thrill and adventure. A sixty-kilometer stretch of the river makes a perfect rafting destination that can be done by any beginner. If you are passing by from the capital of the country to the tourist hub of Nepal, Pokhara the Trishuli river rafting is a perfect option for you as it lies exactly in between the route.  

Bhote Koshi rafting 

Originated straight from the Himalaya Shishapangma the origin of the river is from Tibet. Also located at a very near distance from the capital it is a prominent rafting destination. The venue to the rafting can be reached via a three-hour drive from the capital of  Nepal. This river rafting is classified as a grade 3 to 5 depending upon the level of current it carries. The current can be extremely big during the monsoon period of the year. This rafting offers some of the scenic views of mountains, lush fields, trace lands, waterfalls, canyons, and many scenic beauties. 

Budi Gandaki rafting

The origin of this river is straight from the slopes of Manasalu and Ganesh Himal Budhi Gandaki is an extremely fun rafting destination yet least popular to outsiders. This river is classified as Grade3-4 for rafting with a medium level of obstacles that are crossed by intermediate efforts and can de completed in one to two days. The rafting on BUdhi Gandaki rivers provides scenic views of farms, terrace lands, traditional village settlements, and many more. The river then joins back to another famous rafting river namely Trishuhli. If you want to experience some different rafting destinations than other popular spots then Budhi Gandaki rafting is an exemplary destination.

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