Responsible Tourism & Sustainable Policy

Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is one responsible luxury tour and trek operator. LHN always tries to make the trips as sustainable as possible.

Luxury Holidays Nepal runs the luxury trekking and luxury tour/travel packages under the fundamentals set forth by Sustainable Tourism and abide by the rules and regulations of Reasonable and Eco-tourism.

LHN allows the local guide and porter to provide the first-hand experience of trekking from those who belong to the route and region of trekking. We utilize local resources as possible and always try to use sustainable things. LHN is complying with the following fundamentals of Reasonable and sustainable tourism:

  • Respect the Nature and the Environment
  • Respect the communities and the cultures
  • Utilization of local natural resource
  • Support the local employment
  • Avoid harmful things
  • Leave the flora and fauna as it is
  • Least generation of waste
  • Take garbage back
  • No or less use of plastic and other unsustainable and harmful things
  • Insurance and Child right protection, etc

For more information about the Reasonable and sustainable tourism of Luxury Holidays Nepal check out this link: Luxury Holidays Nepal and Responsible Tourism

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