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Tibet- The Roof of the World is one of the most mysterious places due to its unique geographic location and Tibetan Buddhist culture and tradition. The Tibetan Plateau is one elite destination for rugged and rough adventure and spiritual wander. Tours in Tibet exceed your expectation with more fun, joy complete cultural exploration with natural blessings. 

Beautiful monasteries such as Potala Palace sit on top of snowcapped mountains, Ponds and Lakes- actually, not only lakes but the Holy Lakes of crystal clear water from Himalayan Glaciers, and rivers flooding from such Lakes and Glaciers, all surrounded with floral and faunal diversity, natural uniqueness and treasuries, this all is truly an elite experience for all those entering the Forbidden Land Tibet. Walking near the ground of giant Himalayan with extreme trails for getting astounding views of peaks and surroundings are memories that you never forget. All of the travel, visitors are cooled with the Himalayan air that flapping the prayers flags tightened on Mani Walls, pilgrims visiting such the Holy Lakes and Mountains, pastures and grazing horses and yaks, Shepherds and singing traditional songs, tasting yak’s milk and other dairy products, eating dried cheese made of yak milk, this all are more awesome than reading or listening as visiting directly. 

Tibet is the best destination for combo package for the backside of Himalayan, Tibetan Buddhist and culture, traditional trade road linking with Silk Road, a variation of Chinese culture and traditions, high altitude lifestyle and livelihood, traditional arts and architectures with brilliant stone and wood crafting, royal Forts and Durbars, etc. Tibet is also many variants for natural blessings. With lakes and rivers making person hypnotize, high hills and mountains fully snowcapped and plains and grounds of the high altitudinal and latitudinal region, lust forests with blooming flowers and green trees and natural wildlife, these are the highlights you can find in Tibet. Without visiting Tibet, no one can brief the beauties and extremeness of ‘The Roof of the World’.

Tibet is popular for its traditional foods and beverages which makes you more attracted to the region. Traditional and cultural foods cooked and prepared using local ingredients and products are much more delicious to experience. With the development of Infrastructure and the revolution of China, transportation and accommodation in the region are more comfortable. One can access the region by Road, Flights, and trains. Helicopters are also operated in the area. Luxurious hotels and lodges, popular restaurants with various varieties of international foods, bars and pubs for drunken travelers, clubs to celebrate your nights, etc serve you elite services. 

We Luxury Holidays Nepal have a plan and package to take you to that forbidden land. Some of the best destinations In Tibet are Lhasa- Tibet and Ganden Tour, Lhasa-Tibet and Namsto Lake Tour, Mt. Kailash Mansarovar Lake Tour, 8 days Tibet Heritage tour.

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