South India

“South India- Distinct environment and nature to explore and experience”
Charming South India is best defined through mesmerizing hill stations, distinct culture and majestic temples, lush green forests, and incredible beaches. The blend of these naturally occurring and diverse terrains creates Southern India with awesome attire. What makes South India more popular and famous than others? Is its vibrant culture, delectable food, among the other manmade marvels and creativity?  One can rejuvenate and relax their soul and senses by visiting serene places like Kerala, Pondicherry, Ooty, Mysore, and more. The delicate, intrinsic, and detailed architecture with the perfect arts is unparalleled and cannot be found anywhere else.

South India, the kingdom of the great Indian rulers once, has a rich and worthy history. You are in the greenest place in India and maybe in the world. With several mountain ranges, a variety of flora and fauna blended with the typical south Indian culture. From a variety of traditional cuisines beverages to typical customs, traditions, and practices, South India is the amazing cocktails that make you more hypnotized and mesmerized. It is one large biodiversity in India.

Compare to North India it is a more beautiful, calm, low crowded, peaceful, safe and secure, and more cultured place. Both industrial and agricultural factors also make India more beautiful.  Kerala, Banglore, Chennai, Ooty, Manipuram, Rameshworom, etc are more popular and famous for their cultural heritage, distinct natural wildlife, luxurious accommodation, and varieties of local, traditional, and international foods and beverage, parks and hill stations, etc. Your every visit to South India creates more and more curiosity to explore. South India is more than you think about India. It offers varieties of things to do while in India.

Traditional South Indian cuisine is one most populated dishes. Idli, Dosa, and Samber are one which gives a delicious taste to your mouth. Even Street restaurants and Street foods are more awesome to taste.  Even South India is richer and blessed with festivals and celebrations. Rich Culture, Tradition, and History create huge celebrations and fun for everyone. Well, a whole book will be little to describe the southern part of India.

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