Students Trips

This is an action-packed educational and fun trip designed for college students and school groups from all over the globe that may be arranged by the university or by a group of students themselves. This student adventure travel features treks, river rafting, jungle safari, mountain vistas and sightseeing. Travelling abroad offers students the opportunity to encounter alternative cultures distinct from your daily life and mind broadening experiences that can last a lifetime.

We provide you with the right platform and it’s up to you to make your travel a fun, exotic memory of a lifetime or a deep philosophical experience. These outdoor activities have been proven to add to your personal growth, adding to qualities like teamwork, leadership, adventure, positive attitude, affectionate, creativity, confidence, etc. Our team at Luxury Holidays Nepal has worked hard to design the tailor-made tours for universities and school groups. We understand the importance of getting the value and quality for your money and time and of incorporating fun activities with educational elements of the tour.

Luxury Holidays Nepal is proud to offer following various student's packages.

Students Trips Package(s)

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