Things to do in Nepal

Any trips or vacations are inspired by something specials. A trip or a journey without some featured activities is always just a waste of time. Tourists and visitors always seek one or more special things while on vacations. ‘This thing to Do’ makes the trip more elite. Saying more trips with things to do a little more exciting make your vacation really more complete and give feedback a little some featured memories.
As there are no doubts about Nepal and its featured activities and things while in here for any types of vacations and holidays you will be surprised with its ultimate pleasures and things for done. 
The country home of the great Himalayas- Nepal filled with amazing attractions and special featured natural beauties. The nation of ethical and typical traditional culture and practices with historical and ancient back is one naturally blessed place highly decorated and designed with a blend of nature, wildlife and culture.
The diverse climate, topography, and geography with varieties of flora and fauna, green forest with varieties of plants and flowers, animals and birds with special crafts of land, rocks, and hills, whitened and brightened the smiling Himalayas from east to west of north side and plain and smooth land of terai with elite landscapes covered with natures and human settlements making much beautiful with ancient age evidence of mankind, brilliant architectures, unusual arts and handcrafting, temples and monasteries filled with these amazing, typical Nepalese cultures and traditions of different-different communities and group of people, their beliefs, festivals and celebrations for different joys and reasons, all these make vacations in Nepal more different and more elite than in other.
The Himalayas and its snow to rivers and water flowing from the head of the giant mountains and peaks to smooth land of Terai, tropical and alpine climates and forests, high hills and forest with awesome viewpoints, traditional and cultural heritages, Nepalese festivals and celebrations and its amazing natural blending have something specials for those coming here.
Nepal is far from expectations of those desiring for thrilling and adventurous trekking and hiking, climbing and expedition in Himalayan regions and its almighty peaks and Himalayas such as trekking in Everest region, Annapurna trekking, Langtang trekking, Rara Trek and Upper Mustang trekking, etc., climbing peak- Island, Mera Peak Climbing, Lubutchse, etc and mountaineering and expeditions on giant mountains of the Himalayas such as Everest, Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri, Kanchenjunga, etc.
The great Himalayas and their glaciers make extreme River-channel which offer some thrilling and adventurous things to do such as Rafting and kayak. Hills and gorges make so exciting sports for the brave like a bungee jump. Wild and wide lust green forest with extreme wildlife offers opportunities for jungle safari and Jungle explorations, the typical culture of Nepal makes other exciting thing to do such as cultural and heritage tours, UNESCO world heritage tours, pilgrimages and sacred lands visiting, visiting holy temples and lakes, etc.
So Nepal is a bag full of high leveling things to make unconditional vacations and holidays. You can make some elite and extremely long and short treks in Himalayan regions and hilly sides and some most adventurous climbing and mountaineering activities can make both long and short tours of different national parks and reservation areas, can visit heritage places and explore those cultural, historical and ancient backgrounds and tales, can make some elite and brave sporting activities such as tours with biking, rafting in different categories of rivers, bungee jump and canyoning, paragliding, etc. you can also do some jungle safari, helicopter tours to Himalayan range and region and some holy trips to sacred and serene places.
With great accommodations and varieties of foods and dishes here in Nepal, you can also imagine some luxurious trip in Nepal with your family, friends and mates, as a couple or as single, for organizational purposes or any educational activities. We Luxury Holidays Nepal request your kind offer to make your vacations and trip in Nepal more exciting, elite and memorable.

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