For most people, hearing the word Tibet conjures up images of monks and monasteries, mountain peaks with a snow cap, blue sky meditations red robs and divine Shangri-La but in reality, Tibet is much more than this. The paradise also is known as The Roof Of the World is the highest region with an average elevation of around 5000 meters. This enigmatic land lying on a plateau north of the Himalayas is a dream destination for many outsiders and visitors. 
Tibet is safe for travelers? Don’t be so doubtful. There is no doubt about the security of travelers. The kind and friendly peoples of the region always treat you as a good person and help every time you need. 
The serene land has attracted numerous travelers with its unique religious tradition and culture and royal scenery. The air full of peace fulfills the desire of thousands of tourists every air.
Tibet is a region sitting behind the Great and almighty Himalayas. The Shadow of the peaks and mountains make Tibet more distinct than other regions or nations and more to that its distinct and extreme culture, tradition and beliefs make Tibet even more unique. 
From Holy and Big Lakes to traditional forts and Palaces- some in good condition and some ruined by nature, this region named Tibet is one of the most amazing destinations for tourists needing for exploring the backdrops of the Himalayas. 
The diverse geography and topography with a variety of flora and fauna, natural wildlife and Himalayan lifestyle is such a unique and terrible but not trouble. 
The holiest lake Mansarovar accompanying three major Holy lakes is sacred pilgrims for both Hindus and Buddhists. These lakes also contain elite beauties and treasuries. Getting the panoramic glimpse of Mt. Kailash even from the more close point is most exciting for every nature lover. The unique climate and topography of Tibet make this land more different from others. 
Tibet is also rich in its great cultures and traditions. Distinct Buddhist culture worshiping for peace with sacred lakes and mountain peaks, colorful festivals and celebrations celebrating with surprisingly beautiful land of Tibet is more exciting. Foods and dishes of Tibetans serving at remote monasteries by lamas are more rest-giving when you are tired with the rough and tough trek and walk. Pastries and dairy products made up using yak milk are more calories-containing and delicious to taste. 
So Tibet is one of the best choices for thousands and thousands of tourists from all over the world. It is the backside of the Himalayas. Tibet, an ancient trade route linked with Silk Road, is full of both cultural blessings and natural beauties. Its traditions make it more distinct from others. Holy Lake Mansarovar and several other serene lakes and mountain peaks like Mount Kailash, beautiful pasture ground and field, ancient forts and royal palaces of the region, monasteries with ancient memories, Tibet is one unique destination for everyone far from home to feel the worlds diversity. Visiting Lhasa- the city of the sunlight, visiting Lake Mansarovar, exploring Mt. Kailash and its Region, visiting the heritage of Tibet are more interesting activities to do while in Tibet. 
The revolution of China and Tibet develop well facilities in the region. With luxuries accommodations to varieties of foods, Tibet is warmly welcoming everyone coming here for forgetting your works, tensions and busy schedule. 
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