Travel Insurance

All travelers visiting Nepal must have travel insurance that includes COVID-19 and medical repatriation coverage for emergency medical care (a service to return a traveler to their home country for health reasons).

The U.S. Department of State strongly advises coverage for emergency medical evacuation in Nepal and flight insurance for passengers flying on Nepali carriers in addition to COVID-19 and repatriation.

For most visitors to Nepal, a comprehensive travel insurance policy is advised because these policies can satisfy coverage needs and contain extra travel-related advantages. A thorough travel insurance package may provide coverage for a variety of occurrences, including travel delays, lost or damaged luggage, and trip cancellation.

How much does it cost for travel insurance to Nepal?

The cost of each coverage will depend on a number of different aspects, making Nepal travel insurance rates variable:

  • length of the journey
  • Number of passengers
  • Passengers' ages
  • Benefits covered by the strategy

Generally speaking, the cost of travel insurance may rise together with the danger of your trip to Nepal.

What is covered by Nepal travel health insurance?

A solitary travel medical insurance policy or a comprehensive travel insurance package can be obtained for a trip to Nepal. Depending on the specifics of the plan, Nepal travel health insurance by itself frequently includes emergency medical treatment, doctor visits, dental care, and more.

In a complete plan, additional travel-related benefits, like assistance with lost luggage, trip cancellations, delays because of bad weather or mechanical problems, and more, may be included in this medical coverage.

Additional insurances to be taken into consideration can be:

  • Conditions that already exist
  • Trekking or Hiking
  • Travel Interrupted
  • Cancel or Delay For Any Reason 

Overall, having travel health insurance can shield tourists from a variety of unplanned costs when traveling.