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The trekking started back in the 1960s when Colonel Jimmy Roberts, a former Gurkha military officer, saw the potential of bringing in people from all around the people by providing their tents along with Sherpas, guides, and cooks for the whole journey. “Mountain Travel Trekking Agency” was the first commercially opened travel and trekking agency in Nepal to bring on adventure and travel enthusiasts from all around the world. Trekking has always been Nepal's number one adventure sport because the geography of Nepal is very diverse with 16% covered by Mountain or Himalayan region, 65% by the Hilly region, and the rest by plane lands aka Terai Region.

The majority of the part of Nepal is covered by the HIlly and Himalayan region which is the sole region why trekking has been the number one sport chosen by domestic and international tourists. There are plenty of areas and destinations to choose from which is the best fit for your physical and mental situation. The trekking elevation ranges anywhere from 3000m to 6000m, beyond that it's considered mountaineering, as far as it goes the highest elevation on earth also exists in Nepal with an astounding 8848.86m. The perfect trekking destination solely depends upon your previous experiences of trekking or hiking or the kind of place you want to experience. You don’t have to worry about the trekking destination as long as the kind of attraction you are looking for, Luxury holidays Nepal will provide you personal counseling and guidance to select your dream trekking destination.

Not only trekking, but hiking is also an important factor in the Nepalese adventure sport. Those wanting to experience the panoramic views of the Himalayas also want to enjoy the dense green hills and landscapes, Nepal has more than plenty of options to do hiking all around the country. Hiking is short treks that can be covered within the day, even though considered as short treks you can reach elevation up to 3000 m which is more than enough to get the clearer panoramic views of mountains. Hiking around Kathmandu has always been a popular thing to do before the beginning of the week or more than week-long treks. This will prepare an individual to understand the complexity of the hills and landscapes of Nepal. Hiking around the different valleys of Nepal is the perfect way of analyzing the deep valleys surrounded by long majestic hills and landscapes. The choices of Hiking go well beyond imagination in different cities of Nepal, every valley is surrounded by huge landscapes which makes them perfect day hiking destinations. Some of the popular hiking destinations around the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu are Chandragiri Hill Hiking, Shivapuri Hiking, Nagarkot Hiking, Daman Hiking, and many more.

Luxury Holiday Nepal has been successfully operating trekking and different nooks and corners of the country. There are some popular trekking destinations that are often visited by many individuals as well as such trekking destinations that people often don’t know exist but are equally as good as well-known trekking destinations. Luxury holiday Nepal will provide trekking services in different regions as per your choice of interest. Some of the popular trekking destinations can be found in Everest Region, Annapurna Region, Langtang Region, some of the best trekking destinations yet not popularly known to the world are Kanchenjunga Region, Manasalu Region, Makalu Region. These are some of the trekking destinations that can be done in accordance with your physical and mental status.

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