Trekking Grades

The trekking trails in Nepal are categorized into four different grades depending upon the altitude, difficulty of the trail, total duration, temperature, climate, accommodation and terrain. The classification below provides the description of each of the grades and the difficulty or other factors involved in each of the identified grades.

1. Easy  (▲)
Experience is not necessary for taking part in an easy trek, anyone fit and healthy enough to walk for 3-5 hours a day can manage easy treks. These treks only involve lower altitudes with daily ascents of around 300-600m on generally good weather, well-maintained paths and with easy access to local amenities.

2. Moderate (▲▲)
You are likely to walk for 4-6 hours each day over the steep hilly terrain on usually rough trails but with no real extremes of weather. Moderate trails entail reaching up to 5500m with daily ascends of around 400-700m. You will also be facing high-altitude air with a low level of oxygen on some days and are therefore required to have a positive attitude and be physically fit. Previous hiking or camping experience is preferable.

3. Difficult (▲▲▲)
In difficult treks, you are likely to walk for 5-7 hours, cross steep hilly terrain and occasional high passes with daily ascend and descend of around 500-1000m. You are likely to be in a remote environment with extreme weather on some days where you might be facing high-altitude air with a low level of oxygen and only basic facilities on some nights. Previous trekking experience, physical fitness and a positive attitude are therefore essential.

4. Strenuous (▲▲▲)
You will be walking for 6-8 hours per day or longer at a very high altitude with the tough daily ascend and descend of around 500-1000m. Strenuous treks also involve a remote, wild environment with extreme weather at times and the availability of only a few facilities, perhaps for extended periods. You will also be trekking on minor trails and difficult terrain, including snow or scrambling sections and are therefore required to have a high level of physical fitness along with the optimal level of experience and positive attitude.

Information given on these pages is designed to act as a guide only and conditions may differ on the basis of season, region, etc. For further details on particular trips or if you are still unsure about what grade trip to join, please contact us and we will happily arrange a trip best suited for you.