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Luxury Holidays Nepal is one quick growing enterprise in Nepal. LHN is working with lots of national and international agents and has good relations too. LHN has alliances with 3-Star, 4-Star and 5-Star categories hotels, deluxe and luxury resorts, guest houses and teahouses of high altitude, travel and transport agents, national and international agents.
If you are looking for an alliance in Nepal to grow up your business in Nepal, Luxury Holidays Nepal welcome you always. It is our great pride to work with you. You may have lots of options to make a business alliance but Luxury Holidays Nepal Pvt. Ltd. one best option for you. Why? - Because it is a newly incorporated enterprise, with new and modernize management systems, new marketing strategies, and better administrative management. LHN is the newcomer with new ideas, business plans, vision, mission and strategies and working style. We care for value maximization rather than profit/margin maximization. From staff recruitment to field employee selection, we always make sure about, our guest’s security, safety, and quality services with punctuality at a reasonable cost. We recruit well- trained and licensed guides with lots of experience, strong and helpful helpers (Porters), professionals to arrange hotels and other services, and experts to develop the trip packages.
If you like to alliance with us, then you can connect with us through Just mail us, we will right there to communicate with you.

Our Major tourism-related operations and services

  • Air Ticketing
  • Helicopter Charter service
  • Mountain flight packages
  • Emergency Rescue services
  • Hotel/Resort Reservations
  • Tourist Bus ticketing
  • Tourist and private car arrangement
  • Airport pick and drop
  • Trekking packages
  • Tour Packages
  • Peak Climbing and Expedition Packages
  • Other Mountaineering packages
  • Luxury Travel, Tour and Trekking
  • Destination wedding arrangement
  • Honeymoon Packages
  • Adventure sports and outdoor activities
  • Jungle Safari Packages
  • Education tour and trek
  • Solo trip and private Travelling
  • Group Packages
  • Women Travel Packages
  • Minor and senior travel packages
  • Yoga and Meditation Packages
  • Family packages
  • Luxury Family Packages
  • Business or corporate tour and travel
  • Special person Travel, tour and trek packages
  • VIP Group and packages
  • Other tourism-related activities
  • How can you work with us?

It is our pleasure to alliance and works with you. Luxury Holidays Nepal always welcomes them who want to connect with us and work together for mutual benefits and interests. It is always pleasurable to co-ordinate with you to accomplished and achieve the goals and objectives. 
You can connect by becoming different types of partners;

1. Business Representative
Luxury Holidays Nepal is among the best tourism enterprise in Nepal having representatives almost all over the world. If you are one of the travel agent or broker operating tours and travel packages nationally or international and wants to operate your work in Nepal or South Asia and Tibet then you are welcome to Luxury Holidays Nepal. We not only work with you but help you to grow up your business too. 
It is always good to allow you to represent and sell our products and services.

2. Network Partners
The tourism sector means lots of mattering things. Hotels, lodges, restaurants, Cafes, Resorts, Airlines, transportation, etc always have influence in this sector. If you are willing to co-work with us to support our product and services, you are welcomed. It is better to achieve our interests and targets together. 

3. Marketing and Promotion Partners
Luxury Holidays Nepal always wants to grow its business and expand its markets. If you are a marketing or promoting agent, then contact us to work with us together. It is a great deal to advertise and promote our products and service with you. 

4. Link Partners
We are always glad to co-work with competitors and challengers too. it is very good exchanging ideas and pieces of knowledge with each other. If you are also related to the Tourism industries and want to link up with us, Luxury Luxury Holidays Nepal welcome you, it is great to share our products and services with each other. 
If your business is based on websites and e-commerce, then it is great to exchange each other’s links to fill and cover our deficiencies and weaknesses. Our incompleteness will complete with your support.

5. Digital Partners
A large part of the business of Luxury Holidays Nepal is based on Online marketing and e-commerce. We love to work and do with you to build up and upgrade our online services and websites.
If you want to become a partner with Luxury Holidays Nepal or have any queries about its terms and condition, please contact our Deals and Agreement Handling Officer at

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