Why Luxury Holidays Nepal?

Luxury Holidays Nepal(LHN) is a fully licensed and distinguished trekking and tour operator in Nepal and is well-listed by the tourism authority, trekking authority, government of Nepal and environmental agencies. LHN is one of the leading trekking companies in Nepal that has been increasing its list of satisfied customers over an emerging period of 6 successful years. We have a zero-compromise policy on our quality and values. Our holiday packages are carefully sorted by the experts to give you the best value for your money and time by reducing our profit margin, which resulted in a drastic increase in the number of our valued customers. Luxury Holidays Nepal has been a pioneer in improving the tourism industry of the country. We duly address the concerns of the travelers that have increased our goodwill, creating happy customers.

Team of Experts

LHN(Luxury Holidays Nepal) family consists of an experienced management team and certified and well-trained staff in the respective fields. Our prime directive is to provide a first-class adventure and holiday experience in the Himalayas that is sustainable and responsible. We are committed to duly addressing your concerns like safety, privacy, punctuality, quality & professional services. Our team is full of ideas and eager to provide the right, comfortable and memorable experience to our valued guests. 

Focusing on providing the best of services and safety, we only hire an employee who has authentic license and is well-trained and experienced. We have insurance for our porters, guide and Sherpa and pay them well. They love and respect natural places, are well-behaved and are always very happy to share their skills and knowledge with the travelers of the Himalayan lands. Our first and foremost target is to provide uncompromised qualitative services to our valued guests. In this regard, we put all our effort. We deliver a safe and fantastic holiday in Nepal to all our customers and it's pleasing to receive the sharing of feelings and laughter.

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Competitive price

We sell tours and trekking packages directly to you with a minimum possible profit margin with a motive to increase the number of sales which has been a successful strategy. Many of the travel packages similar to ours are sold by local operators through other international companies or agents who re-sell their packages resulting in shockingly high prices. However, the price may be a niche for more than a few local companies that are likely to compromise with the stated standards. We don’t compromise our service by depleting the quality of basic essentials but provide you with alternatives to the same travel packages from economic level to luxurious choices.

The travel packages in Nepal comprise various factors like your accommodations, food & meals, transportation facilities, experienced trek & tour guides, safety measures, insurance policy for our employees and the design of very flexible worked-out itineraries which play an important role in pricing. We gingerly carry out a depth analysis of these factors to give you the best value for your time and money. There is no hidden or extra cost charged by our company. We recommend you carefully evaluate every aspect and authenticity of your travel deals before making your purchase. However, at LHN we assure you of a qualitative rational service where you don’t need to worry about these things. For more info please click here.

We care for the safety

Safety and trip comforts are no compromises and are top priorities of the company inclusively not only to clients but also to trekking crews. Sufficient trekking gear is supplied by LHN. Our trekking leaders have trained in pharmacy and have considerable knowledge of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) from different training workshops conducted by HRA (Himalayan Rescue Association), NMC (Nepal Medical Council), KEEP (Kathmandu Education Environment Project), TAAN (Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal), etc.

Every trekking leader carries emergency first aid kits for necessary health support, just in case. All our guides and porters are fully insured. We don’t take any unnecessary risks that could cause you any physical or psychological threats. We constantly keep our communication with the trek leaders about weather conditions that might influence trips. You can feel free to contact your trekking leader in case of any difficulties or confusion.

Refreshing Experience

Escape from your daily routine. Get some fresh air. Be alive. Don’t just add days to your life only, but add life to your days. Get some memories to boast about. Travel the world. Explore the Himalayas. Trek the high hills. Climb the mountains. Let your adrenaline rush on adventure sports. Conquer your fear. Enjoy and observe the simple lifestyle out of unnecessary stress and the rush of modern times. Enjoy the serene natural views. Be calm and relaxed. Awaken the best version of you. Leave no regrets in the future. Live your life to the fullest. Let us provide you with the platform for your refreshing experiences.

Customize trip / Fixed Departure Dates

We understand that our available tour packages may not be feasible with respect to your time, requirements, or expectations. If you are not able to find the perfect tour on our website then tell us your essentials, and our tour management team will be happy to help you. With years of experience, we can adjust your tour itineraries to suit your specific dates and needs.

We'll provide you with individual quotes based on your itinerary, requirements, budget, time of travel, and group size. We will help you with any group briefings and queries during the planning stage.

Most of our popular trips have fixed departure dates on the basis of a small group, but if our set departure dates are not convenient to your need you have the option of Private departure by selecting your own convenient date. These types of departures are best suited for couples, families and the ones looking for a private trip. As well, we can run private trips for all kinds of groups and individuals. All currently available itineraries can also be run as private departures.

Eco-friendly & Responsible Tourism

We are well aware of our duties and responsibilities as a trekking and tour operator. Luxury Holidays Nepal believes in sustainable development without disturbing the natural balance of the environment. Thus, all our trekking in Nepal, climbing in Nepal, safari in Nepal, sightseeing tours in Nepal, Luxury Trekking and tours and sports packages, helicopter tours, are well adjusted to not disturb the natural flow of existence, but to observe, enjoy and participate in a friendly way. Responsible tourism is very much imperative as it becomes the responsibility of each and every individual within the tourism sector to act rationally.

Besides providing qualitative and luxury services to our clients, we regularly participate in programs and campaigns for the betterment of the tourism industry and our environment. We conduct an eco-friendly trek and all our packages are environmentally friendly. We encourage eco-friendly programs and frequently participate in and initiate clean-up campaigns to promote awareness as well as maintain a clean and healthy living environment. Also, as a responsible organization, we are frequently conducting various community support and welfare programs.

Commitment towards a social cause

With clarity and transparency in all of its activities, LHN has been involved in numerous exemplary social works for the uplifting of the livelihood of the people. LHN is engaged in various projects for the sustainable development of remote areas focusing on the education of needy children and the promotion of tourism in the international market. Thus, by choosing Luxury Holidays Nepal, you are not only choosing a unique and local experience, but you are also helping to change lives and provide an opportunity to the lives of children and their families in Nepal.

Additional options

Luxury Holidays Nepal will take you to some of the most interesting and exotic places in the world, and in such a scenario, it is likely that you might want to extend your trip. Just express your interest with our staff, and we will find you add-in options that are most appropriate to your main trip and interests.

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