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Nepal has a horizontal distance of over 800km and a vertical distance of over 80km, which sounds relevantly small to the other countries of the world. However, the fact is that no country in the world has this diverse geographical terrain in this small square area. The elevation starts from 60m and rises to 8848.86m the highest point on earth where humans can possibly leave their footprint. This fact can be explainable by the geographical structure of Nepal where 65% of the area is covered with hills and mountains which makes transportation a very challenging task, that is why Helicopter services have been established as one of the most distinguished transportation services available in Nepal.

Helicopter services have different aims and scopes in terms of Nepal, it has been used to tour different remote exotic locations, rescue different people from extremely dangerous areas and many more. Helicopter service in Nepal has been commercially available since the 1980s and has been living up to its expectations as the safest and foremost way of travelling in the hills and mountains of Nepal. Helicopter tours are one of the most chosen methods of tour and travel in Nepal because in less period of time you can reach up to most exotic remote locations where it would be only possible to reach with weeks of trekking, you can experience all the diverse nature, flora and fauna, culture, traditional village settlements, rivers, waterfalls, icefalls, glaciers, mountains, huge hills and landscapes and many more.

Even though all of these can be experienced by trekking which requires a lot of time, physical and mental strength, and mainly hard work and discipline. Helicopter tours have been there to fulfill the dreams of those really want to experience all of those but cannot due to different reasons or circumstances, whether it could be physical disruption, time constraints, family problems, or any the reasons. Helicopter tours are favorable to all kinds of travel enthusiasts from all around the world. Luxury Holidays Nepal has been operating Helicopter tour Services in the nook and corner of the country. If you are looking for fun, thrilling, adventurous, and most important things to experience one of the memorable events of your life LHN is ready to host any customizable helicopter tour services in Nepal.

Best time for Helicopter Tours in Nepal

Mostly Helicopter tours have been operated in the early morning when the clouds are clearer and the weather is exquisite, however, if you are looking for the most pleasant time of the year then it would fall under the months of Mar-Jun and Sep-Dec. This month of time comes under the Spring and Autumn season which is also referred to as the climbing and trekking window, also a very favourable condition for helicopter tours. During this period of time, the weather is clearer and more visible, and you can expect panoramic views of mountains, rich flora and fauna, and many more.

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